Welcome to Year 1/2/3

It’s been a busy start to the Spring term in Years 1,2 and 3.

Year 1 are coming to the end of their Beegu  unit in English and have written some fantastic narratives of their own.  They will be beginning a non-fiction unit about William the Conqueror over the next couple of weeks.  In Maths, they are becoming more confident when working with addition and subtraction and will move on to look at shape before the end of the half term.

Year 2 have also just finished a unit of work, impressing their teachers with some amazing ‘Storm Whale’ stories.  They will use the same theme as Year 1 for their next text, focussing particularly on the use of conjunctions. In maths, they can now confidently work with two digit numbers for addition and subtraction and will be looking at shape, followed by multiplication and division next.

Both groups will be working with 3 new Tier 2 words next week: ‘Harsh’, ‘Powerful’ and ‘Defeated’.

In Science, they continue their work about keeping healthy.  Having looked at how food helps us grow and stay healthy and exercise and how it affects our bodies, they will begin thinking about germs and the effects they have on our bodies.  They are enjoying their exploration of how the role of the monarch has changed through History and are just beginning to prepare for their trip to Oliver Cromwell’s House.  Their Geography work has focussed on the terrain of the UK.  They will now begin looking at the bodies of water.  In RE, they have begun thinking about what makes a place special and will be developing this by looking at special places for Christians.

Linked to their Science work, they will be food sampling in DT next week, thinking about which ingredients would go well in a healthy sandwich.  They have begun creating their own portraits in the style of Hans Holbein in Art, thinking carefully about different sketching techniques.  They love their new Music unit and can’t stop singing the ‘Rock and Roll’ numbers they have been learning!

In Year 3, the children have loved their ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ unit.  Having written their own shortened versions, they will be moving on to a non- chronological report about Roman Britain.  Their new Tier 2 words will be: ‘typical’, ‘emerge’ and ‘detect’. In Maths, they are mastering multiplication of two digit numbers.  Over the next weeks they will focus on division, first by using known facts and then by using the bus-stop method.

Their Science work has been focussed on friction for the first few weeks of term.  They will follow this up by looking at floating and sinking and how forces contribute to this.  In Geography, they have been looking closely at the structure of the Earth and how this can lead to volcanoes being formed.  This will lead into an examination of the impact volcanoes have on people’s lives.  They have been inspired by their History work and are now very familiar with how a Roman town was different to those found in pre-historic Britain.   In RE, they will continue their examination of Jesus and his importance to the Christian religion.

In Art, they have been exploring the use of pattern and colour in mosaic and will now begin designing their own.  They have been retrieving knowledge from their Bronze Age work in DT this term, thinking about the Beaker People and designing a beaker based on their knowledge of Bronze Age Artefacts.  They now have a good understanding of the history of Reggae music and will begin using its features in their own work.

Both groups have been considering next steps for their Community Outreach projects over the last week and Year 1/2 will begin a series of trips to the Cottenham Care Homes after half term (more details to follow).

We look forward to seeing you all at Parent Consultation Evenings in the last week of half term.  Please sign up for a slot via your child’s MCAS account.



A few notices:


  •          We have a number of children who do not have PE kits in school.  Please ensure that your child has a full kit (labelled) in with them all week.
  •          A number of the boys in Year 1/2 have the same black velcro shoes.  These have been muddled on a number of occasions, with children wearing each other’s shoes home.  Please make sure shoes are labelled too.
  •          A reminder that parents should leave the school site as soon as the whistle blows in order to allow teachers to swiftly take the children into the building.


Wednesday 7th February- House Day

Tuesday 13th February- Parent Consultation Evening

Thursday 15th February- Parent Consultation Evening

Wednesday 28th February- 1/2 LW and 1/2SR trip to Oliver Cromwell’s House

                                           -1/2HS and 1/2 TO trip to the church

Thursday 29th February- 1/2 HS and 1/2TO trip to Oliver Cromwell’s House

1/2 LW and 1/2 SR trip to the Church

Wednesday 6th March-  Maths workshops for parents- 3:20pm

Thursday 7th March- World Book Day (Costumes Required)

Friday 15th March- Red Nose Day

Thursday 28th March-Term ends


Jess Scott 31/1/2024