CPS Literature Spine

The CPS Literature Spine has been designed by the staff at CPS with the intention of ensuring that all children at the school are exposed to the very best fiction that has been written; enabling them to experience the intrinsic sense of joy that reading can bring, as well as developing their knowledge of the world.

It is to be viewed as their core entitlement – and, as such, is non-negotiable.

The CPS Literature Spine has been the subject of detailed discussions, with the titles selected carefully considered - not just for their quality as stories or poems - but also in terms of how they can support the children’s understanding of the subjects covered in the school’s knowledge-rich curriculum.

Staff, governors and children have all been consulted on the titles to be included, with revisions made as a result. We have endeavoured to ensure that The CPS Literature Spine reflects not just established children’s authors (Roald Dahl, Michael Morpurgo and Anna Sewell, etc.), but also classics of literature (albeit attenuated, where appropriate), from Homer through to Dostoevsky. In addition, we have strived to ensure that The CPS Literature Spine is as diverse as possible, in order for it to support the children’s development in becoming responsible, tolerant, well-rounded and well-informed young people.

It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Rather, it is the bare minimum, and our aspiration is that children will use it as a launch pad for their own journeys as life-long readers; where the pure love of reading will ensure that it forms part of their daily routines for the rest of their lives.