Vision Statement

It is our objective that every child leaves Cottenham Primary School phenomenally well equipped for the next stage of their educational lives and beyond. 
To deliver on this, we have designed a knowledge-rich curriculum that encompasses every planned experience and interaction that the children may encounter. It is designed to drive the social mobility of all of our children and is built upon the twin mantras of equity of opportunity and equity of provision.
In addition to the content that is covered, our curriculum includes, the structure and delivery of lessons, the resources to support learning, the trips and visits that inspire and bring a subject to life, the promotion of positive characteristics and virtues in the children, and the quality of the internal environment. It is built upon the following 3 aims:
  • That every child receives an excellent all-round education, through an inspiring, purposeful, knowledge-rich curriculum
  • That every child is provided with the foundations to face the various challenges of life
  • That every child is an integral part of our community and shares its values

We are all completely committed to realising these aims, and to making sure that the whole school is a safe and happy place: one where we can all aim high and make the most of any opportunities.

At Cottenham Primary School we are committed to providing the best possible education so that all our children thrive and achieve. We believe our children, families, staff and governors are of equal value and we respect and appreciate the diversity they bring to our school community. Through our policies and practice, we strive to foster positive relationships and a shared sense of belonging and we challenge any inequalities or barriers that exist. We welcome our duties under the Equality Act 2010 to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations.

To ensure equal opportunities for all, we think it is important to:
  • Ensure that rewards and sanctions are consistent and fair
  • Model, teach and promote positive behaviour
  • Act as ambassadors for Cottenham Primary School wherever we are
  • Help and support others who are finding it difficult to follow the expectations we have for behaviour at CPS for specified reasons
  • Ensure that all children have the ability to identify a trusted adult with whom they can communicate about any concerns. This will include teaching and TA staff, and also the designated ‘Worry Buster’ TAs who are available every lunchtime.
Promoting positive behaviour and managing difficult behaviour is the responsibility of all adults in the school. Children should be thanked and praised, when they adhere to the school’s expectations and challenged when they fall short. Adults should always treat children with respect and care. When dealing with challenging behaviours, adults will focus on the behaviours that need to be modified rather than the child’s personality.