Welcome to Year 1/2/3

The second half of term is now in full swing and Christmas is edging ever closer!

The children continue to work hard across the curriculum and are confidently embedding the knowledge they have been taught, ready to apply it in their final pieces of work over the next few weeks.

In Year 1, the children wrote some amazing fairy tales, inspired by the tale of the Three Little Pigs.  They have now started a unit of work looking at instructions for ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’. Their new Tier 3 Vocabulary for this unit will be ‘Snuggle’, ‘Grimy’ and ‘Careful’.  In Maths, they are getting to grips with Multiplication and Division and are starting to be able to share quantities evenly.

Year 2 have also been working hard on a Fairy Tale unit.  They have been focussing on using adjectives and adverbs and will be putting this into practice next week when writing their own tales inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.  In Maths, they are becoming confident when finding halves of numbers and will be moving on to look at position and direction in the coming weeks.

Both Year groups are enjoying their Science work looking at Habitat. They will conclude the unit by finding out about Food Chains, before showing off their knowledge by making a prediction for a Scientific Investigation.  In History, the final piece of work before answering their historical question, ‘Why Did Cambridge Grow and Prosper?’, is to look at the importance of the University to the development of Cambridge.  They have now come to the end of their unit of work in Geography and will be answering the question ‘Why is Cambridge a Popular City?’ 

In Art, they have looked in depth at the work of Berthe Morisot and are now creating their own still life pictures based on her style. They have now made their Bug Hotel in DT (thank you for sending in some fantastic resources to support us!) and will be evaluating it over the coming weeks.  They have enjoyed listening to all of the different animal portrayals in the Carnival of the Animals in Music and will be writing their own animal compositions over the next couple of sessions.

Year 3 have been working hard in English lessons, writing their own fantasy narratives inspired by a short clip ‘The Windmill Farmer.  They are now moving on to a unit of work focussing on writing an instructional text aiming to become confident in the use of imperative verbs and prepositional phrases.   They are working with three new Tier 3 words: ‘Grasp’, ‘Relentlessly’ and ‘Innocent’.

 In Maths, they have been getting to grips with unit and non unit fractions and will now move on to telling the time before covering statistics in the final weeks of term.

They have now reached the Iron Age on their journey through early Britain.  Having discussed what changed for people during the Iron Age, they will be explaining the impact of these changes.  They have almost reached the end of their Geography unit and having looked at describing the landscape of both Scotland and Northern Ireland will be writing their own comparison.  In Science, they have been putting their knowledge to the test by investigating the amount of fat in different crisps. They will be writing up their findings over the next couple of weeks.

Linked to their Science work, in DT they have been preparing to make their own nutritious pizzas by learning a range of cutting skills.  They will be designing and making their pizzas over the next weeks, using their scientific knowledge to ensure they contain a balance of ingredients.  In Art they have begun creating their own self portraits, inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo and will be looking at the use of block colour to bring these to life.  They have now looked in depth at Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ in Music and will begin creating their own compositions inspired by it as we move towards the end of term.


A few reminders:

  • Please send costumes in as soon as possible for the Christmas Production.
  • Children will change their Book Base books on a Friday and Read Write Inc books on a Monday.  Children will not get a new book unless they return an old one so please make sure they arrive in school on the correct day!
Diary Dates

6th/8th December: KS1 Production- 2:15pm

7th December: Christmas Jumper Day

20th December 2pm: School finishes for Christmas Holidays

Jess Scott