CPS Offsite Learning Hub

Spring Term 2021 Update

For any children in Years 1-6, who are having to learn off-site, please check your Microsoft Teams account, where you will find a range of activities to work on. Work will no longer be posted in the folders below.

For children in EYFS, work will be posted through Tapestry and via the EYFS folder below.
Safeguarding Information

Please find information and links to support pupils and families in different ways during the period of school closure.

The school office hours are currently 8am to 3:30pm.

For welfare and safeguarding concerns please consider the following:

If it is an emergency, please phone 999.

If your family needs support from social care, please contact them Children’s Social Care on 0345 045 5203 (office hours) or 01733 234 724 (out of hours).

If you would like support from school, please leave a message on the answering machine (01954 250227) or e-mail the School Office at office@cottenham.cambs.sch.uk

If you are an adult, and you have a specific safeguarding concern that you would like to email us about, then please use the following: safeguarding@cottenham.cambs.sch.uk

If you are a child, and you would like to let us know about things that you are worried about, then please email us at the following address: child@cottenham.cambs.sch.uk

The number of our family worker, Jane Rogers is 01954 284650.

If you have any safeguarding queries, then please check the Safeguarding section of our website (https://www.cottenhamprimary.co.uk/safeguarding-at-cps/)