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Year 4/5/6

Welcome back! I hope that you had a wonderfully relaxing Easter break. 


We are all looking forward to another exciting term with some fantastic units of work to be covered across the whole curriculum. We’re also delighted that more aspects of school life are beginning to return to normal and that, Covid rates allowing, parents and carers will be welcomed back into school. 


Year 3 

Year 3 will end their study of pre-Norman Britain with a close look at the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. They will investigate where the Vikings came from, with a study of the geography of Scandinavia. Their Science work will focus on Forces and they will spend their DT sessions designing and making Viking longships. In Art, they will compare and contrast the art work of 3 artists: Monet, Arcimboldo and Picasso, and their Music work will look at Gamelan music.


Year 4 

Year 4 will be learning all about Charles I and the English Civil War this term. They will also be learning about the geography of Europe; they will look at human and physical features as well as the associated broad climate zones. In Science, the children will cover a unit on Astronomy and will explore the Solar System and learn why day and night occur. Their Music will be learning about Calypso music and in Art they will focus on the artists Paul Klee and Antoni Gaudi. 


Year 5 

Year 5 will leap straight into their study of Ancient Greece for their History this term. In Science, they will cover a unit of work on electricity and in Geography, they will study biomes and vegetation belts. The featured artist for Year 5 is Auguste Rodin and in Music, they will learn a new unit on World Music for this year: Indian music.


Year 6 

Year 6 is all about things to do with Central and South America this term. Those countries are the focus of their Geography work and in History, they will study the Ancient civilisation of the Maya. In Science, the will work on revisiting the circulatory system from Year 5 and then go on to learn all about the human body’s endocrine system. Abstract Art and the artists Matisse, Picasso and Kandinsky will be their Art focus and in Music they will learn about Samba music - its origins and features.



Children will continue to receive weekly home work set to their Teams account. Please do support your child/children in completing their homework to the best of their ability. If your child is having difficulty either accessing this work or in understanding the content, it is vital that they talk to their class teacher in advance of the due date set and help will be given to them. 


Key Dates for the term (so far): 


Tuesday 19th April: School starts for Summer term 

Wednesday 20th April: Year 6 SATS information evening 6pm 

Thursday 28th April: Year 5 Maths Challenge 

Thursday 28th April: A Team netball finals/St Neots Cross Country competition 

Monday 9th - Thursday 12th May: KS2 SATS 

Thursday 26th May: House Day 

Friday 27th May: School closed (additional Bank Holiday for Platinum Jubilee) 


Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June: Half term 


Monday 6th - Friday 10th June: Year 6 Hilltop 

Tuesday 14th June: Class photos 

Wednesday 29th June - Friday 1st July: Year 5 and 6 PSHE Life Education Visit 

Monday 11th July - Wednesday 13th July: Year 6 CVC transition days 

Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th July: Year 5 Grafham trip 

Wednesday 13th July: Class swap 

Thursday 21st July: Last Day of term (school ends at 2pm) 


Rebecca Cole

Deputy Headteacher

3456 Team Leader