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Year 1/2/3

The first half term has flown past and the children are enjoying their new topics and beginning to apply some of the knowledge they have learnt.


Year 1/2 are loving their Kings and Queens topic in History.  They have been able to use their knowledge of the reigns of William the Conqueror and King John to explain why England got to a point where the  Magna Carta was necessary.  They will now begin looking at the behaviour of kings following  the signing of Magna Carta which ultimately led to the execution of Charles I and the Interregnum.  In Geography, they have been working hard to interpret maps and are now applying their knowledge with a piece of writing describing the terrain of the UK.  They had a fantastic DT day where they were able to use their knowledge of nutrition, learnt in Science sessions, to help create a healthy, balanced sandwich.  Their science work will now move on to looking at exercise.


In Art, they are becoming more familiar with the work of Hans Holbein and have been honing their sketching techniques ready to create their own portraits using these.  Their music work on Mozart’s 4th Horn Concerto continues.


They have just concluded their English unit working with Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs, writing some fabulous narratives inspired by the story.  They will now begin working with an expository text about William the Conqueror, focussing heavily on the use of conjunctions to expand sentences. They will work with 3 new Tier 2 words from this text: ‘defeated’, ‘harsh’ and ‘powerful’. In Maths, having worked hard to learn how to add and subtract two digit numbers, they will end the half term by looking at shape.


Year 3 had a brilliant Science day looking at the journey of food through the digestive system.  They will follow this up by taking a closer look at the micro and macro nutrients provided by food and how these are absorbed into our bodies.  In History, having found out all about Anglo Saxon village life, they will be looking at how this was influenced by culture and religion before moving on to look at the conversion to Christianity.  They are just reaching the end of their Geography unit on Scotland and will be producing a leaflet encouraging people to visit.  After half term, they will begin focussing on Northern Ireland. 


Their art work has been focussed on Friday Khalo; having imitated her self-portrait they will now apply this style to their own self portrait.  They are continuing to focus on the work of J.S Bach in Music.  Having appraised some of his work, they will begin learning about musical notation. 

They too are reaching the conclusion of their latest English unit.  Having worked with an information text about Italy, they will apply their knowledge by writing their own text about Scotland.  Their Maths work is currently focussed on multiplication and division.   They have just begun working with 4 new Tier 2 words: ‘stunning’, ‘represent’, ‘varied’ and ‘incredible’.


A few reminders:

Parent Consultation Evenings are next week.  Please see your child’s teacher if you haven’t yet signed up for a slot.

We still have a small number of children who are choosing to play on the ‘no mow’ areas before and after school. Children will be moved off these areas by school staff but we ask you to support us by insisting your child stands in the line before school.


We have had an increase in the number of children bringing toys and precious or expensive items of stationery or clothing into school.  This is leading to some upset when things go missing.  We request that children do not bring toys to school unless this is for a pre-agreed show and tell session.


Parents and children should not be in the corridors before the start of the school day. Please remain outside on the playground with your child until the whistle has blown.


Jessica Scott 6/2/2020


Key dates:


Tuesday 11th February- Parent Consultation Evening

Thursday 13th February- Parent Consultation Evening

Tuesday 25th February  –3AH trip to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Thursday 27th February–3SA trip to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Friday 28th February- Twinkle Star Day

Wednesday 4th March- World Book Day

Thursday 5th March–3LK trip to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Week beginning 9th March- Year 12 trips to Oliver Cromwell’s house

Tuesday 24th March- Year 3 Homework Celebration 2:40pm

Wednesday 25th  March- Year 12 Homework Celebration 2:40pm

Friday 20th March-  Movie Night

Friday 3rd April 2pm- Finish for Easter