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Year 1/2/3


It has been a fantastic start to the Autumn term in Years 1,2 and 3 and we couldn’t be prouder of the children and how well they have adapted to the ‘new normal’.  They have taken on board new routines and systems with maturity and are working hard in the classroom.

Year 1/2 have got off to a flying start in their new English and Maths groups.  Both groups have begun with work on place value, with Year 1 looking at numbers to 20 and Year 2 working with two digit numbers.  They will continue this work next week, thinking about ordering and comparing numbers.  In English, Year 1 have been working hard on their formation and sounding out, whilst beginning to learn their first text ‘Eliot Midnight Super Hero’.  They will continue this work on sentence basics next week.  Year 2 have been recapping how to punctuate accurately.  They will spend the next weeks beginning to look at more complex sentences, using ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ as their inspiration.   Both Year groups have begun learning three new Tier 2 words: ‘private’, ‘terrible’ and ‘tamed’.


They have been completing ‘Cold Tasks’ in all of their other curriculum learning ready to begin embedding lots of new knowledge.  In History, they will be spending the next couple of weeks finding out about Etheldreda and how she created the first community at Ely.  Their Science work will continue looking at the seasons and the type of weather expected in each one.  They are already enjoying undertaking some field work for their Geography unit and will be moving from looking at their school environment to thinking about Cottenham.


In Computing, they have used our brand new Ipads for the first time to do some coding using ‘Scratch Jnr’.  This work will continue across the term.  They have been introduced to Angie Lewin in Art and have impressed their teachers with their excellent sketching skills. They will focus on DT next, looking at the design of anemometers.  Also coming up in the next week: RE, learning about what religion is.


Year 3 have been equally busy and are really enjoying being back in the classroom learning together.  They are coming to the end of their work on place value in Maths and will now begin working with addition and subtraction, recapping how to add and subtract single digits and two digit numbers before moving on to three digit numbers next week.   In English, they are enjoying learning ‘Stone Age Boy’ and will be using it as inspiration when writing their own portal narratives over the next few weeks.  They are enjoying their guided reading text ‘Beowulf’ and will experience their first DLG session next week.  They have begun work with their first Tier 2 words: desolate, bleak, furious, insignificant and threatening.


In Science, they have been going back over some of their lock down learning, recapping what they know about plants.  They will be continuing this next week, beginning to find out about the parts of a flowering plant.  In History, they have enjoyed their early encounters with the Stone Age.  They will be spending the next couple of weeks finding out about the Mesolithic era.  Their Geography work on Scotland and Northern Ireland will continue with them looking at the physical features of both countries. 


In Art, they are just beginning to learn about Beryl Cook and Frida Khalo. They will find out a bit more about each artist before beginning to imitate their art work. They too will be beginning to use the new Ipads to start coding.


Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during the past few weeks, it has been truly appreciated.

A few requests/reminders:


  • Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school at all times- we are trying to minimise plastic wastage, at lunch time particularly
  • As I am sure you are aware, the end of the day is a very busy time.  The teachers need to give their full concentration to ensuring that every child is picked up by the correct adult.  Therefore we politely request that you do not attempt to talk to teachers at this time.  We are currently working on some solutions to ensure that channels of communication aren’t lost- more information coming soon.  In the meantime, please continue to email any questions to me or the office to pass on to class teachers
  • Homework for Year 1/2 does not need to be sent back into school- we are trying to minimise traffic of paper into and out of school


Jess Scott