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Week 12

Discussion texts - week 2:


A reminder that for those of you in school, this work on discussion texts is the English work that you'll do at home for the remainder of the term. For those of you remaining at home- this is your week 12 Off-site English content. 



Day 1
SPAG – rhetorical questions. Focus on what bias and balance are; identifying it and using it
Writing task to write 2 paragraphs using bias and balance.


Day 2
Plan ideas for own discussion text – Should Year 6 be allowed to wear their own clothes to school? Recap of previously taught AFOREST techniques for persuasive writing. Apply AFOREST techniques to ideas. 


Day 3
SPAG – sentence starters. Planning own text using the pro forma on the slide and using previous day’s generated ideas. 


Day 4
SPAG – commas and colons. Start writing own discussion text based on plan.


Day 5
Finish writing text; edit to improve and then assess against given criteria.