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Week 11

Over the next two weeks (if you are not coming into school at all) we are going to be looking at discussion texts.


For those of you in school, this work on discussion texts is the English work that you'll do at home for the remainder of the term.


This is week one- I will upload week two next week.



The slides should take you through the sessions for the whole week. There are SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) exercises and tasks related to discussion texts; these are broken down as below per day:


Day 1
SPAG – homophones. Look at the example discussion text (should children eat chocolate for breakfast)
Create a toolkit for a discussion text – identify the key features of the text.


Day 2
Read the Is Jack Guilty text – make sure the vocabulary is understood, specifically the listed words. SPAG – direct and indirect speech. Task – write 10 sentences using direct and indirect speech and the vocabulary identified to demonstrate understanding.


Day 3
SPAG – modal verbs. Read the Jack text and box it up using the pro forma on the slide (cut the text into its sections/deconstruct it). Start to plan own text – identify reasons for an against Cinderella going to the ball. 


Day 4
SPAG – conjunctions. Using the structure of the Jack text (keep referring back to it) start to write own text. Some model paragraphs are provided.


Day 5
Finish Cinderella text and edit.


Reading- for home learning only!