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Tips and Suggestions for Parents and Carers

Please have a look at the resources here that can hopefully support you and your family in dealing with the current situation.

We are extremely grateful to the individuals and groups that have offered to share their advice.


Some of you may have already met Jane Rogers, our Early Intervention Family Worker, at one of the coffee & chat drop-ins or workshops that she regularly hosts in school.  Jane has offered to provide weekly updates to support our school community through the current crisis, so please check in regularly for tips and support.  

Summer Holiday Parent Helpline

Answering children's questions and supporting their wellbeing during this extraordinary time can be tricky.  How much should you share with them?  What should you tell them?  The links below have been produced by local and national organisations, charities and individuals to support parents and carers to protect children's wellbeing during this outbreak.
Changes in routine can be difficult to manage for all of us; adults and children alike!  Creating the right environment and establishing new routines for home learning, including structured breaks, can help to make this task seem less daunting for everyone.  Below are some practical tips to support you.

Parent/Carer Support Line