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The Curriculum at CPS

The Curriculum at CPS


At CPS we deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum. Whilst we use the national curriculum as a framework, we have decided to place a much greater emphasis on exposing children to the ‘powerful knowledge’ that we feel is necessary in order to truly understand the world around us, as well as to be able to make informed and accurate observations and connections.


In addition to increasing the children’s cultural literacy, we believe that we are equipping them with the essential foundations for the next stage of their educational journeys, and beyond.


It is very important to state that we view the curriculum as the totality of every planned experience and interaction that the children will encounter at CPS. It saturates and informs every aspect of our practice and our culture: from academic content, to safeguarding , to the recruitment of adults working at the school, and to the development of the characteristics and virtues which will, hopefully, support them in living well-rounded, fulfilled and happy lives.


Our curriculum is subject to constant review. We recognise that, whilst we are extremely proud of the curriculum at CPS, there is always scope for improvement. We embrace this challenge.


The CPS Long Term Plan outlines the curriculum map across the school, and it has been carefully designed to ensure that children’s development is coherent, logical and progressive. Subjects are taught as specific domains (eg. History, Science, etc.), and we respect and follow the conventions of these subjects.


In order to share expertise and domain specific knowledge across the school, teachers are ‘Curriculum Coordinators’ for subjects in which they have a specialism or keen interest. As such, they have a vital role to play in the selection and delivery of content, as well as monitoring the efficacy of the provision, including pupil outcomes.


We fiercely believe our knowledge-rich curriculum to be an egalitarian measure, and are committed to ensuring equity of opportunity and equity of provision throughout the school.


To support the need for consistency, we use Doug Lemov’s “Teach Like a Champion” teaching techniques. These also enable us to apply what cognitive science tells us about how humans learn; with a focus on providing children with multiple opportunities to practice and consolidate what they are being taught, all within a supportive, inclusive and dynamic environment.


Please take the time to read the range of documents available on our website, which are all designed to enable us to deliver our curriculum as effectively as we possibly can, and do not hesitate to contact the school should you require any additional clarification or information.


James Kilsby