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Support for Children

Undoubtably, during the current Covid-19 outbreak children will have lots of questions about the virus.  This page has been created to help children to understand more about the virus, answer common questions and help them to manage their anxiety.  If you are looking for additional resources to support your child's social and emotional wellbeing don't forget to check out our SEMH link within the 'Support for your child with additional needs and SEN' here:

In addition, our Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (Miss Harman and Mrs Canham) will be sharing ideas and messages to support children.  Check in regularly for their latest messages and resources to support anxiety management and promote wellbeing.

End of Summer Term messages from the ELSAs (13.7.2020)


Well this term is certainly one that none of us will forget! When I reflect on this period, I am really proud of our CPS community. I would now like you to reflect and think about everything you have achieved this year. Remember it doesn’t matter how small. Maybe it’s an educational win like improving your handwriting or spelling, or maybe you’ve overcome a fear or used the techniques learnt in our ELSA sessions to manage your anger or anxiety. I’d like you to record these wins on paper somehow, you could produce a simple spider diagram or the more artistic of you may like to record pictures of what you’ve achieved. I’d love to see whatever work you produce, so hang onto it for us please. 


I hope you and your families have a wonderful summer and we look forward to catching up with you all in September. 


Best wishes, Miss Harman.


Hip, Hip, Hooray the school holidays are days away!

Well done we made it through all sorts of changes. My message to you is put away anything school related, relax and have fun. 

However, if you have worries about what September may bring, make yourself a worry box. Every time you have a worry post it away. In September you can open the box and if you are still worried about some or all of them, speak to an adult.


Happy Holidays, Mrs Canham.

Message from the ELSAs (16.6.2020)


We hope you are all well and are managing with the latest changes to the CPS community. You may all be affected differently; some of you will  have returned to school or have a sibling that has. Others will still be working hard at home. Whatever your situation remember we are all in this together.


If you are feeling overwhelmed here are some top tips that might help:-


  • Remind yourself that feelings don't last. They come and go!
  • Talk to someone
  • Do lots of positive things and change those negative thoughts to positive ones 


Mrs Canham and Miss Harman

Message from the ELSAs (9.6.2020)


Hello everyone, we hope you are keeing well and enjoyed your break from home school learning in half term. This week we would like you to think about 'self care.' 


Self care is about looking after both your body and mind. It’s quite easy to think of things that we can do to keep our bodies healthy, but what things can we do to take care of our mind? 


Below is a list of ideas. Can you think of anything else to add to the list?


Share your problems

Help others

Be grateful


Take a break



Eat healthy 

Share your feelings

Be kind to yourself

Keep clean 

Eat healthy 

Be creative 

Stroke a pet

Take a bubbly bath


Maybe you could create your own self care plan and check it everyday to make sure you’re doing something to look after your mind.


Stay safe and yet again we hope to see you all very soon.


Miss Harman and Mrs Canham.

Message from the ELSAs (21.5.2020)


Hello Everyone, it's Half Term holiday already! So put away your home learning books and have some fun. Find time to relax and do the things that make you feel happy.


Do lots of positive things but if you do have any negative thoughts  or feelings about what will happen next, do talk to someone.

Remember, you are not alone, the CPS community are in this together.


Take care, keep safe, keep talking and HAPPY HOLIDAY!


Mrs Canham & Miss Harman

Message from the ELSAs (13.5.2020)

HI, I hope you are coping okay during these strange times. Some of you may be enjoying your time away from school, but for some this may not be so easy. As well as taking a moment to remember some of the coping strategies that you've been taught in your sessions, think about creating a visual timetable or plan for your week.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I have no idea what day it is! 


Having structure will not only make you feel better but it will make you feel that you've accomplished something in your day. It could be a simple plan, such as doing some form of exercise or outside activity first, followed by your home learning and any chores, then allowing your self some free time in the afternoon. This could be a mixture of playing games with your family, playing on your games console/tablet, reading, baking or colouring.  Something that has helped me is to learn something new or start a project. This week I have been learning how to create a small wildlife pond in my garden. The hole is dug out and I'm just waiting for the pond liner to arrive! I can't wait to hear some of the new hobbies or skills that you have learnt. Take care, keep safe and keep talking. 


Miss Harman, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Message from the ELSAs (29.04.2020)


" Time to Talk" 


We have all been staying home and staying safe for a few weeks and this week we would like to encourage you and your family to spend some time listening to each other. The Roll, a positive question game, could help you to discover new things about the people you live with.  We hope you have fun playing.


Don't worry if you don't have a printer you can draw your own 6 x 6 grid and copy the questions or even make up some for yourself.

Message from the ELSAs (16.4.2020)


We hope you are all keeping well, safe and not too bored!  Remember how important it is to spend some time away from your tablets and screens!  Please refer to the Health and Wellbeing Checklist (link below) to remind you of some of the things you can do to keep well and also take time to remember some of the things that we have taught you during your ELSA sessions, such as the five star breathing techniques; recording or talking with someone about your feelings and keeping your thoughts as positive as you can in these testing times. Please also find follow the link below to a Mood Tracker Mandala, where you can track your mood by giving each emotion a colour and filling in a petal each day. 


Please reach out to someone if you are struggling and we hope to see you all in school again very soon.



Message from the ELSAs (03.04.2020):


Ease up over Easter


Be creative with the egg templates and produce enough to have an Easter egg hunt around the house and garden.


No printer; draw  your own eggs on scrap paper or old envelopes.

Message from the ELSAs (27.3.2020)  Mindfulness Sunshine Colouring Activity