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Support for children with sensory or physical needs

We have a range of children in school with hearing and/or visual impairments.  In addition, some children have sensory processing difficulties which can affect their learning.  Our bodies and the environment send our brain information through our senses.  We process and organise this information so that we feel comfortable and secure. When a child has difficulty coping with these demands, they may have sensory processing difficulties.  Some children may also have a physical difficulty, such as delayed fine and gross motor skills, for which they need support.


Please note:  If your child is under the care of the Visually Impaired Service or the Hearing Impaired Service, they will be in contact with you during the school closure to discuss your child's needs.


For those children that usually attend our Sensory Circuits programme there are a range of suggested activities linked below which may help to support your child.  The important thing is to encourage them to keep moving.  Kicking a football, throwing and catching a ball, hopping, skipping etc. are all good for improving concentration and balance.