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September 2021

Dear Parents,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your children on behalf of the Reception Team.  We are in the very privileged position of being with children at the very beginning of their formal education and we aim to make sure that their first few weeks in school are as positive and happy as possible.  We recognise that moving into school is a big step for both children and their families.  Therefore, if you are concerned about anything, please speak to us.

Each half term we send out curriculum information to parents, these documents, along with any letters will be copied into the `Useful Documents` section below. 

In the `Useful Documents` section you will also find copies of our Wow Certificates to print at home.  If you child does something amazing at home, or reaches a goal that you have set e.g. riding a bike, eating their vegetables you can send them in with a Wow Certificate and we will give them a Housepoint.

With Best Wishes,


Lucy James (Reception Team Leader)