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March 2020

Whilst the children are working off site we will not be using this section of the website.  Please see the 'Off Site Learning Hub' for this work guidance provided below.

The staff in EYFS have created a programme of work to support your child with learning at home.  On the Off – Site Learning page you will find a selection of directed activities, learning challenges, advice for supporting learning and on line resources.  We realise that everyone`s family circumstances will be different and we have tried to be mindful of what parents can achieve at home.  The selection of resources is not a compulsory list, but more a selection of suggestions to ensure that your child is maintaining the learning that they have done in school. 


On the EYFS Home Learning section there are activities relating to three focus areas:

  • Phonics (with Years 1 and 2) – Please find the daily phonics activity for your child`s group here
  • Maths – Please find the daily maths activity for your child here
  • Other subjects – Please find topic related activities and writing activities.

EYFS is a play based curriculum and during a typical school day children engage in a significant amount of play and activity based learning, many of the activities that we suggest reflect this.  However, we do need to ensure that children will be `Year 1 ready` in terms of their Literacy and Numeracy skills and therefore, if you are able, these are the areas that we would like families to prioritise. 


Our ideal daily home learning schedule would include:

20 minutes phonics, 20 minutes of maths, a board game or card game and a bedtime story.

(See Parent Support Sheet: Ways in Which Board Games Help Children)

We would also like children to have a go at one of our writing activities, such as the bean diary, at least once a week. (See Parent Support Sheet: Supporting Writing at Home)


Your child has been provided with an exercise book and pencil which they can use to complete the work available on the School Website. We have also given the children a bean or a pea and a `Bean Diary` so that they can complete a growing activity at home.  Please see the `Other Subjects` section of the website for more details.


Whilst we have included some ICT based support activities, we would encourage screen time to be limited.  At this age children need to play with and experience toys and `real` objects as these build concrete concepts that provide a basis for future learning.


At the beginning of June, under normal circumstances, we collate our knowledge of the children and the evidence that we have gained through Tapestry and make a judgement about whether they have met the expected standard (Early Learning Goal) for each area of the EYFS curriculum.  Further details of these expectations can be found in Development Matters.  There is also a helpful guide in the Twinkl EYFS Home Learning Resource Pack.

If you would like to upload any of your child`s work onto the Tapestry platform, we would be delighted to look at it.  Please be aware that we will may not be able to reply to every observation. 


Off Site education is new for everyone and as adults we will also be learning together.  Please contact us if you need any additional support or you have any constructive suggestions for what else would be helpful to include on this site. 


Should you have any queries do not hesitate to get in touch. We request that all emails go through Mrs James and should not be directed to class teachers. At this stage we will not be able to receive work and mark it- but will welcome seeing the book with work in when the pupils return to school.

Please bear with us while we get to grips with Home Learning. It will be useful for you to check on the page every day to see which new resources have been uploaded.


Many thanks,


Lucy James and the EYFS Team