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Welcome to the  Year 1 / 2 Phonics Page.  Here you will find a daily Phonics activity for each level phonics group.  Please find the right group here:


Ditty Group

Mrs Parsons

Red Group

Mrs Dickerson

Green Group  and Purple Group

Mrs Halls

Pink Group

Mrs Shore

Orange Group

Mrs Fogler

Yellow Group

Miss Scott and Mrs Williams

Blue Group

Mrs Stephens

Transition Group

Miss Prince, Mrs Dymond and Mrs Rosenfeld, Mrs Ritchie


If you are not sure what group your child is in, please contact Miss Scott.


Before you start a Phonics session, we would advise that adults take some time to read the materials, perhaps look at the support videos and get together any resources.  If you have any questions, please do get in touch.


We do understand that some families might have children in two separate phonics groups.  It is possible to combine a phonics session, but we would suggest that the easier phonics session should be followed. 



The RWInc scheme are releasing daily phonics lessons which support the teaching of phonics at home.  Each lesson is broadcast live but is then available for 24 hours. Please note, these clips are not available for children in the KS1 transition groups- plans for these children can be found on the Hub.


These lessons are available on the link below.


The lessons support and enhance the planning you can already find on the Phonics area of the CPS Offsite Hub and we recommend that all children watch them and interact with them before following the rest of the phonics planning on the hub.


Children in the following groups should access the ‘Set 1’ sounds sessions

Speed Sounds


Children in the following groups should access the ‘Set 2’ sounds sessions

Green, Purple, Pink


Children in the following groups should access the ‘Set 3’ sounds sessions

Orange, Yellow, Blue


Children in the Red and Ditty groups should watch the Speed Sounds ‘Set 1’ sessions but then refer to the planning for additional sounds to learn.