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Dear Parents and Carers,

The children that are in school today are all taking home an A4 exercise book, which is labelled ‘CPS Off-Site Learning Book’, and a pencil. They are to use these to undertake the work that will be posted on the ‘CPS Off-Site Learning Hub’ during the period that the school is closed from Monday, 23rd March until further notice.

We expect the same standards of presentation and pride in these books as we see in their daily work at school. This includes writing the date and title for each piece of work, and underlining this with a ruler.

Any work that is stuck into the books, also needs to be trimmed and stuck in neatly.

We believe this is vitally important in trying to promote a sense of normality for the children – hopefully going a small way to minimising the sense of disruption and concern they may be feeling. 

Please note, we will be providing books and pencils for all children currently absent from school, and will be informing you later on how this can be collected.

Best regards, 

James Kilsby