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Hilltop 2017 Photos

A large selection of photos taken at Hilltop are available here for download.  Select the Zip File to extract the photos.  These can be viewed, then transferred onto your computer as desired. 


We have arrived! The sun is shining and we have just had lunch (some have been asking about lunch since we left CPS). We have 'unpacked' into our rooms and explored the site. We are learning how to put on harness, rope skills and trust games this afternoon. We are so excited! 


Update more soon! :-)


A great afternoon- we have been in groups to get to 'know the ropes'. Now half of the group are having some down time: exploring the site, playing pool or chatting in rooms while the other half are tucking into dinner- fish fingers, chips and ice cream. We have some fun evening activities where we get to explore more of the site and then it's hot chocolate and bed (for sleep- fingers crossed)!


We are having a great time and can't wait to start all our activities tomorrow! 



Good morning- we had a good night's sleep! We were all awake by 7am and in the Games Room playing pool and table football (the piano has been banned before 8am). We have some very cheerful and excited faces!


We are off for breakfast shortly and I am reliably informed it is bacon, scrambled eggs and waffles plus toast, cereal, fruit, juice... yummy!


This morning the groups will be tackling the high ropes, crates, power fan and archery! 


Update more soon...  


Fantastic morning- we have all challenged ourselves and had a lot of fun. It has been a little bit wet- but we have dried over a lunch of jacket potatoes.


We are ready to roll on into the afternoon!


Check out some of the photos of our morning adventures...


Well what a drenched afternoon we have had- despite the rain we have continued and enjoyed the air jump, archery and crates! The children have had a great attitude and worked well together to support each other through the challenges. We are just drying off and getting ready for dinner and evening activities. 


7pm- Yummy we have just enjoyed a dinner of meatballs and pasta and cheese cake for pudding. Due to the weather, we have made the decision to play games inside. We will focus on team work and collaboration. After that we will have hot chocolate, stories and a few songs before sleep.


We are hoping for drier weather tomorrow!




Good morning! 




It is a little bit windy, but we are all up and ready for a day of fun. On the menu this morning is a trip to the beach for coastal erosion, climbing and power fan, archery and agility course, and crates and team tasks! 


We are off for breakfast shorty(sausages, beans and hash browns) and then it's time to tog up for our day. 


Update more soon...


Guess who has arrived for a visit.... MR KILSBY! The children were super excited to see him and tell him all they had been up to over the last few days! The sun is shining, lunch was pizza and we are all looking forward to afternoon activities! Happy Year 6s (and adults) all round!


What a great afternoon we have had. The sun was shining and we enjoyed having Mr Kilsby to visit.


This evening we went into Sheringham for an ice cream... salted caramel, monster cookie, mint chocolate chip, chocolate fudge brownie, toffee, honeycomb, lemon curd, apple crumble.... the list goes on!


We are all tucked up in bed after all the sea air!


Night night!




7.15am and only FIVE children in the games room- we are all feeling a little tired today! BUT.. it is Sophie, Alex and Mrs B's birthday today- woop woop!


Breakfast will be scrambled eggs, waffles and beans! Today we have coastal erosion, crates and team tasks and AIR JUMP! Weather is a bit grey- and only a little rain! :-(


We are all a bit sleep but happy- we cannot believe it is our last full day.... boo!


Update more soon...


A fantastic last afternoon- the children really are pushing themselves to make the most of every opportunity. Big zipper, air jump, high roles, climbing and power fan this afternoon. We are so proud of how they are challenging themselves and supporting others. We have had a quick swim and we are going to have dinner now. Then we will head into the forest for 'MAD HATTERS'. Tonight we have some packing to do... 


No one wants to come home- we are all having far too much fun. :-)



How is it our last day!! We are busy packing up our rooms and getting sorted before breakfast!


We have a fun-filled day of climbing wall and power fan, big zipper and bikes, air jump and crates and team tasks. 


We will have lunch and then get the bus back to CPS wink We are aiming to be back between 3.30 and 4pm. 


Have a good day and we will see you this afternoon!



What a fantastic week- well done CPS a great HILLTOP WEEK!


Rest up this weekend and we will see you Monday!


Enjoy regaling your families with all your stories from the week...