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Autumn Term 2020

For any children who are having to self-isolate, please check the relevant Year Group area below, where you will find a range of activities to work on. These are all designed to correspond to what the children are learning about in school.

Within your child's Year Group Area, you will find a 'pack' of weekly activities for English and Maths. In some cases, this will be supplemented by relevant video resources; including teaching videos from the Oak National Academy.

There will also be work set for History, Geography and Science - but please note that this will not necessarily be updated on a weekly basis. Rather, the idea is that the activities that have been set are designed to cover two weeks' worth of work (the maximum period that a child would normally need to isolate for).

(Please note: we will shortly be moving our Off-Site Learning offer over to Microsoft Teams. Once the transition to MS Teams has taken place, we will cease to use the Off-Site Learning Hub on our website as the primary source of work for any child who may be isolating. We will be writing to parents and carers with all the necessary details about this initiative soon.)



















All links and information below relates to provision during national lockdown and partial school opening  - Up to July 2020

Virtual Sports Week 2020


Thank you to everyone who engaged with the activities in Sports Week.  We had 176 children submit their scores for the Pentathlon and roughly 1000 quiz entries over the week.


With a combination of these scores the results are


1 st Place: Sanger

2 nd Place: Turing

3 rd  Place : Bronte

4 th Place : Hargreaves

Technical Support Now Available: If you are having any technical difficulties in accessing offsite learning materials on or linked from the CPS learning hub, please email