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CPS Easter Challenges

CPS Easter 2020 Curriculum Challenge


We are delighted to introduce the `CPS Easter 2020 Curriculum Challenge’, which invites your child (and you as well, if you think you’ve got what it takes!) to have a go at the activities that have been designed by the year teams across the school, and which can be found on the `CPS Off-Site Learning Hub` in the `CPS Easter Challenges` area. They can undertake as many, or as few, as they like - as long as this meets with your approval.


We hope that this goes some way to ensuring that the hard work and dedication you have all been demonstrating over the past few weeks in getting to grips with off-site learning, are not lost over the Easter period. At the same time, we also recognise that this is still a holiday period - despite how it may feel at times – and everyone deserves a break from the current routines.


We have designed activities from across the curriculum – with some of them transcending the different Year Groups. For example, the PSHE activity invites children to design a `CPS Calendar of Kindness’ (one month's worth of daily acts that we could all undertake and which would go a long way to ensuring that the time people are spending together - or apart - is as happy and as positive as possible).


Whilst I cannot promise you limitless amounts of chocolate for accepting the challenge, I do feel that this is an egg-cellent idea (sorry about that) and one that I hope you all enjoy.


James Kilsby