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Our Fifth Meeting


Yet another busy School Council Meeting. Priorities that were discussed were: CPS School Uniform and any changes we would like to see be made; provision of hot dinners and the current menu at CPS and developing our outdoor space for physical uses.


Mr Aston and Mrs Lihoreau attended the meeting and they shared their ideas for these points of discussion. 


Class Council Representatives will survey their class to obtain thoughts about School Uniform and developing the Outdoor Space. Mr Aston said that the School Council will be the voice of the pupils and will play a major role in developing the Outdoor Space.


It also came to the Council's attention that some children are unhappy with the current hot dinners menu and are deciding to opt for packed lunches instead. This will be discussed in the next agenda.




Our Fourth Meeting:

This afternoon, we gathered together to talk about ideas classes have for improving CPS. Mr Kilsby attended the meeting and listened to our ideas. He told us about what would be possible and what we couldn’t do straight away. An example was: Could we have football nets on the field at lunchtime? It was decided that this could not happen but Mrs Robinson said we could use cones instead from the PE shed.
Then we had a tour of the building site with Tim Heriot from Morgan Sindall. We can now see that some double glazed windows have been put in and there is brickwork for walls. Inside the new build was timber frames, insulation, water pipes for plumbing and timber walls for our new hall.
We think the pupils of Cottenham Primary School will love the progress the builders are making. School is going to look amazing and keep us lovely and warm.
Just to let you know the School Council will be running a Cake stall at break time on Friday 13th March for Comic Relief Day. So please bring in some money to purchase our lovely cakes.


Our Third Meeting - A Visit Onsite:

After being kitted out with our safety equipment (high viz jackets, helmets and safety goggles), we had a tour of the building site by Tim Herriot from Morgan Sindall. We were shown around the lower floor of the ever-improving building. We saw the four new KS2 classrooms and the extension along with the stairs, lifts and toilets. We were shown the plan of the building and marveled at how huge it is going to be, particularly the hall. The building is 80% water tight and the roof is going to be installed before Christmas.


Our Second Meeting:

In our second meeting, the School Council was very busy, doing many things. This included making Anti-Bullying posters, emphasising everyone's differences and having another tour with Tim (the site manager) around the building site. On this occasion, we had a look at what the building of the new school will be made of. This was a mixture of timber and brick (exterior) and a white sheet of plasterboard (interior). There will be noticeable changes in the next few weeks. You can see them by looking through the viewing panels, which we installed last time. They are ahead of programme. The School Council has recently entered a competition to show that we, as a council, have had a real impact on CPS. If you have any ideas, please put it forward to a member of the School Council or Mrs Robinson.


Our First Meeting:

In our first meeting, we had a tour around the building site and we viewed the whole school from the platform with Tim, the site manager. He told us about the 2 stories building and how it will work. There will be a lift for anyone who can't use the stairs (e.g. disabled people). The whole building shall be made of timber. We made he choice about the vision panels and decided that it would be good because they would allow the students an insight on what is happening.

There are 4 phases to the build:
1. Finishing the interior of the unchanged school
2. Building the 2 stories
3. Finishing the 2 stories
4. Removing the mobile classrooms

We are currently in phase 2 of the project. It will be finished at the end of the summer holidays 2015.

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